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Payment methods




To pay for your order you can choose one of the following payment methods.


- Payment by credit / debit / prepaid card


Our online store accepts the cards mentioned on our home page. Charging is done through a secure banking environment.


Via credit, debit and prepaid cards of Visa, Mastercard, Maestro




Using the Masterpass electronic wallet






-        Pay on delivery


Payment by the method of cash on delivery is charged, regardless of the amount of the order, with an additional charge of 2.00 euros.


- Deposit in a bank account or remittance.


You can deposit the full amount of your order in the following bank accounts:




IBAN: GR 7201402220222002002006009




IBAN: GR 5702601550000170100694015


Beneficiary details: MANTHA TELIOU of ATHANASIOS


* Please, as in the reason for deposit, always indicate the number of your order, as well as your name. After the deposit, please send us the relevant receipt by email to


* When the deposit is made by any other bank, Greek or foreign, at the end of the transfer the transfer costs are borne entirely by the customer.

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